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Review Policy

I don't receive  any compensation for the reviews written on this blog. If not stated I purchased the book myself .I enjoy reading and try to devote most of my time to reading and books.

Author or Publisher:
I would be elated to read and review your book. I prefer physical copies of the book.I will consider ebooks but have the right to accept or deny your review request.I base request approval or denial on the date needed and if I think the book is right for me.If you would like my review posted on or before a certain day please include that in the email. I can be contacted at - irandomblogger(at)gmail(dot)com.

Also Note
I review mostly Young Adult Books.
Each review published on this blog is MY honest opinion. When reviewing I will give what my thoughts about how the book was. 

What My Reviews Contain
Each review includes the following: Cover, Synopsis(From Goodreads or B&N), My Review, and a Star Rating(May vary).

iRandomBlogger is a member of the Amazon Associates program. If you click any of the Amazon links or the store on this site and buy something, I will get a small portion of the sales. This is no way changes my views of a certain book.