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21 February 2012

Book Review: Double by Jenny Valentine

Jenny Valentine
Young Adult
Date Published
February 21st 2012
Source: Publisher
When the sixteen-year-old runaway Chap is mistaken for a missing boy named Cassiel, his life changes dramatically. Chap takes on Cassiel's identity, gaining the family and friends he's always dreamed of having. But becoming someone else isn't as easy as he hoped--and Chap isn't the only one hiding a secret. As he teeters on the brink of discovery and begins to unravel the mystery behind Cassiel's disappearance, Chap realizes that he's in much deeper danger than he could have imagined.
After all, you can't just steal a life and expect to get away with it.
Award-winning author Jenny Valentine delivers an explosive mystery where dark secrets, betrayal, and loss pave the way for one teen's chance at redemption.

     Double was a terrifyingly good book. I was attached to every word of it as I was reading. I couldn't put it down for a day. Double combines a a scary plot with a mystery. You can believe me when I say this book was truly a great one.
     First Im going to talk about the characters. The main character Chap believes he is no one. It isnt until he takes the life of Cassiel Roadnight that he discovers his true self. He spends most of his time pretending to be   Cassiel Roadnight worrying about being caught. He is always pondering the best way to pretend to be Cassiel trying to see what kind of actions Cassiel would take to a certain thing. Also while living the life of Cassiel he discovers MANY shocking things. One of which made me re-read the section about 100 times trying to grasp it.
     Jenny Valentines writing was good. I enjoyed her elements of mystery and thrilling. She keeps the reader on the edge of their seat till the very end of the book. Literally to the last page. Also her characters voices are distinct and he description was not over-bearing. I found Cassiel's sister's voice annoying at times but other than that it was great. Her theme for Double is a very unique one. I cant really find a book to relate it to.
     If you want a mystery/thriller I would recommend Double to you. It can be thought provoking at times while not trying to be. Also the mystery is the best part of it. It had me going "What can possibly happen next?' So if this sounds like your kind of book you should really check it out!

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  1. Haven't heard of this one before but will have to look into it now!! Great review!!