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06 June 2012

Armchair BEA Day #3 : In Which My Town Sucks

      So today for Armchair BEA I was supposed to discuss offline networking . Well obviously by the title

My Town Sucks. We only have  1 Barnes and Noble and it never has events. Plus I've never been able to

attend the closest author events which are  in Atlanta. The local libraries never have any events for teenagers

 not even a book club which I believe is quite sad. So this post is basically going to be my rant on the town.

     First I believe that the local libraries should start having events. There are always signs on the walls saying

get your children to read but I never see any actions done by the school or library system to interest kids in  

reading I would recommend at least having a book club for us.  I'm sure that would help a little bit to

increase the amount of reading being done in this town. Also they could at least try to have some FUN with

reading events. So maybe if this occurred there would be a chance for my to have some offline networking

but until then I'm just here all by myself.

       Outside of my offline networking my online networking includes the uses of Goodreads and Twitter.

Those are two very important methods of networking and any blogger will find them very important

to have. I have met so many people through them that have become great friends. Also I believe they both

have helped to drive more traffic to my blog. SO if your town sucks like my town maybe you should try

Twitter and Goodreads.



  1. Have you asked your library if you could host a book club? I know they won't always let you - mine shot me down pretty quickly, but it's a start! I also live in a small town so I feel your pain =(

  2. Start something! be the change you want to see. Talk to your local library or B&N about hosting a book club for teens. my friend does a teen book club for barnes & Noble and it's been successful.

  3. I understand your woe, Patrick! At one point, our local library started a blog, then they closed it all off and made it all official and boring.

    There is one bookstore here, a HalfPrice Books, and I am glad it is that and not yours.. but not exacly a prime author event place.

    Living East of Dallas, TX, any events we get would go to Dallas. And can you contemplate the intense traffic I would have to endure?

    So I am quite glad that we have the blogosphere and Goodreads, I really enjoy Goodreads as it is essy to use and navigate.

    I hope I'll see you on the WWW!

  4. Maybe talk to them about doing your own! I know our library used to have nothing, but through increased interest they've grown to do many events! You might also talk to B&N.

    Most libraries (and some bookstores) have areas they let you use/borrow. It's worth a try anyway. :)

  5. Take matters into your own hands! I'm sure there are others that would love a book club!

    Kate @ Ex Libris

  6. I'm echoing everyone else but start something on your own, ideally at the library or the B&N. It seems surprising, but perhaps they just don't know there is an interest in community events.

  7. There have been events at the Chicago Public Library that I could have participated in. I'm just too tired to get up off the couch! We have a quarterly One Book One Chicago event where everyone reads the book that the One Book Committee selected. You can get packs of 10 books to start your own club. There is also a book club in my condo that I could join. Again, I am too lazy to take the elevator to the 7th floor for meetings.

  8. It's always sad when they don't make a real effort to make kids interested. We don't have much up here either and barely in the bigger cities; not with interesting authors though. ;) Then again, I'm in Sweden. Talking with them about it could be worth something though!

    My bookish real life story!

  9. I live in a small town too, so I understand your pain! Hopefully you will be able to find some other book-readers and start a book club or something like that.


  10. Maybe your library thinks no one is interested. Let them know you want to start something and you'll prompt them to have teen events. :)

  11. Sometimes there isn't the funding (read available staff time) to host those programs, but maybe you could start one & advertise at the library? Also, are you anywhere near Decatur? Even if you aren't you should really try to make it to the Decatur Book Festival. It's TOTALLY worth it. Good luck! Tattooed Books