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31 October 2011

Book Review: All Night Party by R.L. Stine

All-night Party (Fear Street)All Night Party
by RL Stine
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Hardcover, 160
Young Adult
Date Published:
April 3rd 2006
Source: Library

Fear Street -- Where Your Worst Nightmares Live...
It's Cindy's birthday, and her friends are throwing her a surprise party on Fire Island. It's a private party -- no parents, no fact, no one around for miles.
Except there's a madman loose on the island. A murderer who quietly crashes the party.
And he wants to dance with the birthday girl...

     Happy Halloween Yall!  What better to read than a  book by the RL Stine. This one didnt fall lower than my high expectations. It was a great thriller to put me in the Halloween mood. It was full of deception and madness. I wasnt able to put it down once I started.
    The characters in this book were awesome. You didnt really have an MC but a cast of characters. Each had their distinct voice. They kidnap their friend Cindy and haul her away to a remote island. Once there they are ready to party hard until someone is killed. From that point on it's twist and turns. You think you know who it is, but you dont.You think someone is going to be killed, but they arent.
     Like all of RL Stines writing it keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very last page in which you utter a cry of defeat or maybe one of such a good book ending.  He gives each character again a  powerful distinct voice. He throws in elements such as unwanted love and fighting for the one you love. He adds backstabbing and literal backstabbing. You will finish this book and think " Oh My God".
     SO if you are looking for a book to read tonight or just one to put you on the edge of your seat pick up All Night Party. It will keep you up all night in fear and maybe even thinking about the murder. Just know that while you are reading it...Watch your Back!

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