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30 June 2011

Random Thoughts with Patrick (1)

This week to discuss our topic I have an excellent group of bloggers with me. They are: Sandy from Im Reading  Good For MeDarla from DforDarla's Definite Must Reads and Ecey from Ece Red. Make sure  to check out their blogs!
This week's topic is:

     So I'm going to begin this topic then give you the responses of our featured Random Thinkers. Well this post kind of spawned from my shock when I saw some author v.s. blogger controversies around the web. Like in one instance the author was attacking a blogger for a bad review. Well I was shocked because I hold authors to a higher standard than other people. But then I began to think authors aren't any different or more powerful than you or me. They have family's, friends, possibly other jobs,and emotions. So I shouldn't be so surprised to see an author in the latest drama's or fights. 
So I asked a couple of bloggers who signed up for the feature the question and these are their answers:

First is the succinct answer of Sandy.
I think sometimes we do forget, because authors are the creators of awesome stories, characters, and worlds that we sometimes get obsessed with.
Next are the thoughts of Darla.
I never really forget that authors are human, until I go to an event.At an event, it's like the authors are some gods on a pedestal and I am fan-girling silently in a corner attempting to remember that I can speak. Then the authors start the Question/Answer portion of the event and I come back down to Earth and remember they are human. Between twitter and blogs, it's much easier to remember they're human because you see the tweets saying "the dog just tore through the screen door "and "it's time to wallow in self pity." Which is how we all feel at some point in the day or another.  
     Last and definitely not least are the words of the awesome Ecey!
 In general, yes, I do think that bloggers forget that authors are humans just like everyone else. Bloggers, for the most part, look up to authors, many as role models. So as soon an author does something that is not very role model-ish, they get called out and looked down upon, when if an Average Joe did the same thing no one would really care. Twitter is a good example. I think we all have seen our own share of twitter skirmishes among two or three people, but it’s not until an author or someone with a reputation gets involved that people start to care and gossip. Getting into a disagreement with a blogger is a big no-no for authors, whether it’s open to the whole world to see on twitter or if it’s in the privacy of email. Either way, people are going to find out and not buy that author’s book(s) without getting the full story. It’s not always because the author did something really that wrong, it’s because they did something that the ideal author wouldn’t do. Does that mean that every time an author gets negative attention that they don’t deserve it? No, of course not. It varies with the situation. But next time before you get a negative impression of an author just because they did something, ask yourself if what they did was something that you would or would not do? Get to know an author as a person before you judge them as a person. And read the author’s book(s) before you judge them as an author. 


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