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14 June 2011

New Feature Coming Thursday!

      Yes! As you can tell by the above sign I am going to start doing a new feature on iRandomBlogger. Well actually my first feature. This has been done before but I thrive to make it original. The title also matches the blog, sorta. So without further rambling and random tangents INTRODUCING:
     Looks fun right? The post will be posted every Thursday.Each week I'm going to post my thoughts on a random topic. Sometimes it will be bookish others might not be so bookish. Also I'm looking for other bloggers or non bloggers to join in the post. So I'm going to put a sign up sheet below. Then once I get the list done I will choose random people who signed up to be a guest . So make sure to SIGN UP! below.

Also if you don't sign up to be a guest thinker leave a comment below and tell me which topics you would like to see other random thinkers and I discuss. 

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