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10 July 2012

Giveaway: A Bad Day for Voodoo by Jeff Strand

Hey Y'all,
     Well I have something special for you all today! Part 1 of a blog tour I'm doing for the book A Bad Day For Voodoo by Jeff Strand! Today I will be starting a with a giveaway of the book  and later on I will have a  guest post with the author himself! So make sure you all stay tuned for that exciting stuff.  Here is a little bit about the book. 
A Bad Day For Voodoo
When your best friend is just a tiny bit psychotic, you should never actually believe him when he says, "Trust me. This is gonna be awesome."
Of course, you probably wouldn't believe a voodoo doll could work either. Or that it could cause someone's leg to blow clean off with one quick prick. But I've seen it. It can happen.
And when there's suddenly a doll of YOU floating around out there—a doll that could be snatched by a Rottweiler and torn to shreds, or a gang of thugs ready to torch it, or any random family of cannibals (really, do you need the danger here spelled out for you?)—well, you know that's just gonna be a really bad day ...

Sounds amazing, right? Make sure to CLICK HERE to add it to your To Be Read pile on GoodReads. 
Now on to the Giveaway. 
1. You must be 13 or older to enter this contest.
2. You must live in the USA because it is shipped directly from the publisher. 
3. Only ONE entry allowed per person. 
4. Have fun! 

MAKE SURE TO CHECK BACK ON THE 18th to see who won and CHECK OUT the guest post by Jeff Strand!

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